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Life & Times
Lisa's 50th Birthday: Celebrating a half century.

Jordana @ 18 Jordana turns 18

Looking Back: Remembering Mary Small.

Jeff's 50th Birthday: Celebrating a half century.

Holiday Memories
Bahamas 2010: Jeff and Lisa head south to the Carribean once again, this time returning to Nassau and Paradise Island after a 21 year absence.

Las Vegas 09: A three day excursion to Las Vegas was no gamble. It was just the ticket!

Aruba 09: Jeff and Lisa are Carribean-bound as they head to Aruba for their first vacation together in a long time.

TO2DC: We came, we saw, but did not conquer. But lots of great memories in Washington, D.C.

Fern Resort: Nine years of summer fun is brought together.

Stratford: As Fern Resort wound down, another holiday getaway was just getting started.

AJPA 10: Scottsdale: The annual AJPA conference heads west to Scottsdale, Arizonia.

From Ontario to Saskatchewan: My trip to Saskatchewan and back, 1982-84.

Star Trek: These are the voyages...

Star Wars: May the Force be with you!

Photo Gallery
Taking a picture, a photograph is as easy or as complicated as a photographer wishes it to be. You look through the viewfinder of your camera and snap...a picture, a memory is created.

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