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Daily Log: January 7, 2015

A new year is upon us. Interesting fact, the last time I started a new year not employed was back in 1982. Of course, that was the year I was finishing off my journalism degree, which would lead me to my first professional job in Saskatchewan.
So, I’ve been unemployed for going on seven months now. The first two were unremarkable as I viewed them as a much needed vacation. Then came four months of medical tests, which thankfully, found nothing serious wrong with me. Still, it was a period of uncertainty and everything was on hold.
Now we are really into the winter months. Being out of work in winter is definitely different from summertime. The good part of it, is not having to go out in the bone chilling weather early in the morning. The downside of it though, it keeping busy.
There is my regular morning ritual of going to the gym and picking up whatever we need at the grocery store afterwards, but there is a gap in life. Of course, it does allow me to plow through books at a much quicker speed than when I was working, but still…
On a more positive note, we are getting closer to signing a contract to renovate our kitchen. We have preliminary plans and are working on finalizing them. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
So, that’s about it for my first entry of the new year. Hope to keep this up. After being away so long, its good to be back

Daily Log: July 19

Strange day, getting up early on a weekend. But we did it. After breakfast went to the gym, then home and packed. This evening we went to Oakville for dinner at Olive Press. Great food and service and great to see Jordana. She looked and sounded great.
so this is it for the blog for a while. Catch you on the other side.

Daily Log: July 18

Different type of day. We were up early as we had someone from Direct Energy here to check out the A/C/ Seems it either has to be fixed or replaced. Will see on July 29 when get someone else in. Still, the person today was very knowledgeable. I was home most of the day drinking water to flush out my system from yesterday’s test and of course going to washroom. Getting ready for trip/

Dailiy Log: July 17

Another busy day started with going to Subway for breakfast and then a haircut. Since I am no longer colouring my hair, the gray is more prominent now. Wonder if I should keep it? Afterwards took in the jeans I bought yesterday for shortening. Decided to wait there since it would only take an hour. After I got them, went to the bank and then home. Later went to the hospital to get a CT Scan. Took a couple of hours waiting for it and less than 10 minutes for the test.

Daily Log: July 14

Today was a good one. After breakfast went to Bed, Bath & Beyond looking for a new bath mat. didn’t find one good enough, So eventually walked over to Wal-mart and found what I was looking for. Also got a cell phone charger to plug into car lighter. Then went to the gym and back home for lunch. After lunch went to Longo’s to pick up a few things and then headed home to read.

Like I said, a good day.

Daily Log: July 12

What a nice day. Went to the gym in the morning. Came home and went to Longo’s to pick up something for lunch. In the evening Lisa and I went downtown. We had supper at Mr. Greenjeans, bought a book and then went to The Bay to buy placemats for our outdoor table. We then headed over the city hall where they had a festival to launch one year til Pan Am Games. There was a very noisy concert going on as well. Afterwards, we headed back to the Bay and bought bed linen and then headed home.

All in all, a nice day.

Now, here are the photos to back up my story.


Daily Log: July 11

Getting slower at this as inputting it a day late. It was a pretty good day.

Lisa and I went to the doctor in the morning and got a clean bill of health. Blood tests normal and all diabetes level readings are great.

For lunch I joined the “boys” at Steeles Deli and that evening, Lisa and I enjoyed a nice Shabbat Dinner.