Monthly Archives: June 2014

Daily Log: June 30

Well, guess we have to close the book on June. Been a strange month, definitely one of radical changes. Left me feeling good at times, unsettled at others.

Today went to the gym in the morning, spent afternoon at home reading. After dinner tonight, picked Jordana up at the subway.

So long June.

Daily Log: June 28

Made it just in time before day ends. Today went to gym in the morning. After lunch, Lisa and I went to Longos to buy dessert for tonight. We went to Bill’s Pit for dinner with Harvey and Debbi, Michael and Adele. The latter two, came back for dessert. Was a very nice evening.

Daily Log: June 27

So I didn’t do a blog yesterday. It’s my blog and I can do what I want with it.
Today went to the gym in the morning. Then shopping, picking up supplies to make BBQ sauce and pick up something for lunch (tuna).

So I made the BBQ sauce. Came out pretty good. Tonight we muse it on BBQ ribs.

Daily Log: June 25

Today was very nice. Went out in the morning and bought an Obus Forme, then to the gym. In the afternoon, relaxed and read. Tonight went to Oakville and picked up Jordana and we went to Kelsey’s for dinner. Great evening. Very proud to call her my daughter. We chatted, ate and afterwards went shopping so she could buy crafts for work.

Daily Log: July 23

First the good news…got results from ultrasound back and I am not pregnant. Seriously, they are normal which is a relief.

Its been a busy day. Went to the gym, then for a car wash. Afterwards stopped for a coffee. Came home and Lisa and I went to Canadian Tire, where we bought a patio table and umbrella. Should be delivered in about a week.

Spent afternoon at home reading and working on my photo book.


Daily Log: July 22

Well, it’s summer and the weather is perfect. Today went to fitness in the morning. In the afternoon went  to Moore’s to buy some summer pants and then we went to Hartman’s. After dinner cleaned out weeds in backyard and read. In between, Lisa has been helping me edit my photo book.


A few changes in the past week.

1. I wear a hat now when go out…don’t need sun on my head.

2. No more colouring  my hair…a new chapter, a new me!