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Daily Log: January 7, 2015

A new year is upon us. Interesting fact, the last time I started a new year not employed was back in 1982. Of course, that was the year I was finishing off my journalism degree, which would lead me to my first professional job in Saskatchewan.
So, I’ve been unemployed for going on seven months now. The first two were unremarkable as I viewed them as a much needed vacation. Then came four months of medical tests, which thankfully, found nothing serious wrong with me. Still, it was a period of uncertainty and everything was on hold.
Now we are really into the winter months. Being out of work in winter is definitely different from summertime. The good part of it, is not having to go out in the bone chilling weather early in the morning. The downside of it though, it keeping busy.
There is my regular morning ritual of going to the gym and picking up whatever we need at the grocery store afterwards, but there is a gap in life. Of course, it does allow me to plow through books at a much quicker speed than when I was working, but still…
On a more positive note, we are getting closer to signing a contract to renovate our kitchen. We have preliminary plans and are working on finalizing them. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
So, that’s about it for my first entry of the new year. Hope to keep this up. After being away so long, its good to be back